Inspiring stories from Kibera

Brian Otieno Ochieng introduces his Kibera photographs
Brian Otieno Ochieng

On the first day of the Dialogue, the morning session concluded with some powerful images by Brian Otieno Ochieng, a young Kenyan photographer from Kibera, the largest informal settlement in Nairobi. The pictures “Women of Kibera” were taken as part of the EU-funded #RightbyHer campaign, which works across Africa to make women’s rights a reality. Brian said that he had grown up in Kibera, but had become increasingly ‘annoyed and frustrated by images I was seeing of the slum’, so he started taking pictures on his phone, before becoming a professional photographer two years ago. He said he hoped his photographs and stories of women from Kibera (including an HIV-positive community worker, single mother, activists working on gender violence and teachers working with young girls) would inspire and challenge stereotypes and social norms around women’s rights and gender equality.

To view Brian Otieno Ochieng’s photographs click here